“ wedding & destinations photographer.  / deliriously in love with LOVE. / fiercely in love with LIFE. “



. L O V E .

LOVE MAKES ME MELT. Hugs that never want to let go. Eyes staring. The electricity from fingers touching. A wink. A blush. A smirk. Communicating without using words. The tender bond of a head resting on strong shoulders. Snuggling. Teasing.  Giggling. A pair of bare feet softly toe-tapping. Playfully flirting under the blankets. “Love letters” by post, text, e mail, or heart shapes made by the morning cereal. Can’t get enough. EVERY GESTURE OF LOVE BRINGS MORE LOVE.


. L I F E .

ROMANTIC MINI-MOMENTS. Every day, the ordinary makes me marvel. A warm kiss of sunlight on skin. The wind playing with hair. Running fingers along smooth luxuriousness fine art paper. Geometric patterns on the floor designed by sunlight and shadows. The refreshing crunchiness of chilled grapes on a hot day.  Eyes following the leading lines of towering trees, reaching into the limitless sky. Watching waves rolling and crashing and rolling. A splash of fresh water. Climbing into a bed of crispy warm sheets straight from the dryer. The smile of a loving husband. The cheekiness of a dog.

Of all the wonderful things in this world to love, my favourite are the latter two. People always wonder where my boundless enthusiasm for life stems. Well, the secret’s out! These two have taught me that THE MOST POWERFUL WAY TO RESET YOUR LIFE AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT, IS WITH LOVE!


H E L L O !

I’m Joie, as in “joie de vivre.”

I am deliriously in love, with being in love.
And not just the romantic kind.
I am also fiercely in love with life.

At the intersection of artistry and documentary is how I view and experience life. This is how I live. And this is how I capture photos.

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. That much love. That much joy. But to love each other at the same intensity as that very special day, over and over again, for the rest of your life? It is possible. I personally know how that feels, and I relish it. And I want this for you. Through your photographs. Through your memories. Through your experiences. I want this for you. An everlasting love that means … everything …

I am an internationally travelled wedding photographer, originally from Canada, residing in the north edge of The Cotswolds, in the UK.

I am available for weddings, engagements, and elopements all across the UK, Europe, and worldwide.